Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NCFCA?

The National Christian Forensics and Communications Association is the third largest speech and debate league in the nation and is made up primarily of Christian homeschooling families. Their mission is "To challenge and equip ambassadors for Christ to communicate truth with integrity and grace." Verity prepares students to compete in the NCFCA (

When and where do you meet?

We meet at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Our first club meeting will be August 1st with an all-club meeting (everyone in Speech and Debate), and then we alternate weeks between debate and speech. You may choose to participate in speech, debate, or both.

How old does a student have to be to join Verity?

Anyone who is age 12 by January 1 of the current competition year is eligible to compete in NCFCA, and therefore eligible to join our club. Students who have graduated from High School are not eligible to compete.

How much does it cost to be a part of Verity?

We do our best to keep club costs no more than $100 per family. There will also be additional costs such as Debate Camp and the option to purchase Speech or Debate curriculum from the NCFCA online shop.
In addition, each family must affiliate with the national organization (NCFCA). The early bird price is $135.00 when you affiliate before July 31, 2024. After this date, the regular price is $160.00.
Competition opportunities also incur additional costs. Speech students are required to compete in at least one in person tournament and debate students are required to compete in at least two in person tournaments. To see the list of costs go to>Log In>Resource Library>League Handbook (this will also have the current school year listed)

Does Verity have scholarship money available for families?

Verity does not have scholarship money available, but NCFCA offers scholarships. Specific instructions can be given by contacting leadership @ Please do not hesitate to reach out.

What are the requirements to participate?

For those joining Debate, the first requirement will be to attend Debate Camp. In addition to affiliating with the NCFCA and attending meetings regularly, we require each family to attend one practice tournament in the fall and at least two in person tournaments in the spring. For students participating in speech, we require that you attend one in person tournament in the Spring. There are several tournaments from which to choose. The dates are usually announced in the fall. We also require that every parent serve Verity in some way. To view a more detailed list of requirements please go to the Membership Application.

What is your attendance policy?

This is not a drop-off club, and therefore we require attendance by the student(s) and a parent for the entirety of each club meeting. Parents are needed at club meetings to prepare for tournament season and provide valuable feedback for students. In addition, we require each family participating in debate to attend one practice event (usually one full day in November or December) and at least two in-person tournaments (January-April). For those participating in speech, the requirement is to participate in one in-person tournament. A parent must also attend and assist with these events.

What if we must miss a meeting?

Absences should be reserved for emergencies and illness. Please do not schedule appointments or other activities during our club meeting times. Since we alternate weeks and have so few meetings to prepare for competition, families with more than two absences will be asked not to return to club.

May I bring younger siblings to club meetings?

Yes! We plan to have a junior club available for younger siblings of current competitors. If your student does not wish to participate, they may stay with you during the duration of the meeting, and we recommend you bring something for them to do quietly.

Can we join Verity with just a junior club student?

Junior club is offered as a courtesy to families who are in the regular club.

What is your homework policy?

Students will be assigned weekly homework and are expected to fully complete it each week in order to be ready for competition season. Upon check-in each week, homework will be checked by those on the leadership team. Students who do not have their homework completed will need to head to the "Think Tank" with a parent to complete it during the beginning of the meeting. Students who have incomplete homework more than twice will be asked not to return to Verity.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. It is our position that immodest clothing distracts from one's Christian testimony, so overly tight, form fitting, and overly short apparel is not permitted. Shorts, hats, or caps are not permitted.

Tournaments, which begin in January, have a strict dress code: suits and ties for the gentleman, and business attire for the young ladies. Specifics about the tournament dress code are delineated in the League Handbook. Go to>Log In>Resource Library>League Handbook (this will also have the current school year listed).

What kind of speeches will my student present?

We encourage all new students to begin with a platform speech, which is typically a 10-minute informative or persuasive speech on a topic of the student's choice. Early fall club meetings will be spent, in part, guiding students toward the kinds of topics that will work well for tournament competition. We also encourage students to try a limited preparation speech, like impromptu or apologetics. The league also includes opportunities for interpretive speeches, which are more dramatic in nature.

What kind of debate training does Verity offer?

Team Policy, Lincoln Douglas, and Moot Court are the types of debate offered through NCFCA. We will not be offering Moot Court at Verity. It will be determined whether we will offer Team Policy and/or Lincoln Douglas based on interest and parents willing to lead.

What happens at speech club meetings?

After check-in, announcements, and Apologetics instruction for everyone, we meet as a large group to learn different aspects of communication and speech. Occasionally we will break out into pre-assigned speech core groups for fellowship, discussion, and practice. Once speeches have been written (usually by October), students will then present and practice their speeches in various breakout rooms with other students and parents, giving and receiving feedback on their work.

What do you do at debate club meetings?

After check-in, announcements, and a brief devotion, we usually split into novice and advanced tracks. Novices will learn the basics of debate and begin discussing the year's resolution. Advanced students will begin discussing the year's resolution and writing cases. By the end of October, the two tracks will merge and we will begin having practice debate rounds in club.

What additional opportunities are offered outside of regular club meetings?

We plan on additional fun times of meeting: i.e. impromptu dinners together after club, or meeting early for ice cream, or leaders hosting additional times for students to gather and practice their speech or debate events, or just have fun.

Can this activity count for credit on a high school transcript?

Yes! Many parents use speech and/or debate as a Language Art/English credit or as an elective. Others choose instead to include it on a high school résumé as an extra curricular activity.

How do we join?

The first step is to contact us @ to let us know of your interest.

The next step is to complete the Membership Application.

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